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We keep an extensive range of samples of frames for viewing.  They are selected from several suppliers for quality, style and value for money.  If you have a particular frame in mind we can often source it for you.

Traditional finished woods

Traditional and modern gilt

Natural, unfinished woods - oak, ash, beech, pine

All natural woods are available custom-dyed or stained to order.

Modern aluminium in a variety of widths, silvers, golds and colours.

Circular, oval and swept frames are available ready-made in a range of sizes.

Exhibition quality frames.


Hand-finished frames

We are one of the few framers who dye, stain, paint and lime frames to suit our customers' precise requirements.  Many years of experience perfecting these techniques means we can offer unique finishes to all wood types, sizes and shapes.



A great technique of bonding permanently flat, which revitalises creased, curled up or folded prints and posters, included in all our prices as required.


Window mounts

We cut these to order to any size and in a wide range of colours.

Mounts can be customised to create a particular effect, for example using handmade paper, double mounts and multiple apertures.

Acid-free mountboard is used as standard and conservation quality mountboard is available as required.



The price you pay for framing is mainly dependent on the overall frame size.  

The price we charge includes everything your picture needs, for example dry-mounting (permanently flat), stretching, window mount, glass, hangers.

There are no hidden extras. Your quote is the final price you pay.


Special Frames

ANYTHING can be framed and we like a challenge!

We have framed sports shirts, soft toys, medals, stones, tiles, cricket bats, christening gowns and even crisp packets.

Box frames can be made to accommodate 3D objects, or to create depth by suspending the glass above the image.  Simple box frames can be dyed or sprayed with acrylic paint to create a customised effect.


 Shaw kit framed



Canvasses can be stretched in the traditional way.

We have also developed a unique method of dry-mounting canvasses permanently flat and stretching round a backing frame, wrapping the image round or leaving the sides white.  The finished canvas is clean-edged and modern and will not be liable to sag over time.



We specialise in framing fabrics.

Cross- stitches and tapestries are properly stretched without the use of glue or staples.

Batiques can be framed with or without glass or simply put onto stretchers.

Silk scarves or designs on gauzey material stretch and frame very effectively.



You may have a number of images or items you would like displayed in one frame - a collection of precious family photos, holiday souvenirs or memorabilia.  We will advise about how to arrange these and can cut multi-aperture mounts in any colour to complement the display.



Any size any frame - simple as that.  Just email your requirements.